Implementing a Return Counselling Project

Country: Bangladesh

Name of the Assignment: Bangladesh Fact Sheet

Assignment Location: Bangladesh

Name of Client: Danish Refugee Council, Denmark

Professional Experts/Staff provided by Your Organization:

No of Expert: 01

No of Staff: 01

No of person-Months:   04

Start Date (Month/Year) : September 2014- Completion Date(Month/Year): December 2014

Objectives of the Project:

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is implementing a return counselling project financed by the Danish Immigration Service. DRC provides return and reintegration counselling to rejected asylum seekers in Denmark and through local partners in the country of return. The purpose of the counselling in Denmark is to focus on the needs of the returnee in preparation of the return and in the reintegration phase, and through information from local counsellors in the country of origin,it is possible for the returnee to learn about practical issues relevant for the individual return, for example how to register children born in Denmark, access to housing in a specific village, establishment of contact to relatives, learn whether there are reintegration projects in the area of return, etc.

Detail Description of Actual Services Provided by CC’s  Experts and Staff:

Commitment Consultants developed of Bangladesh country fact Sheet. The purpose of this assignment is to provide potential information to the returnees with objective information of relevance to their decision to return. If the returnee needs more detailed, specific information, this will be available through individual counseling with local partners or local DRC staff in the country of origin