Waste to Bio-Gas project at Gaibandha

ountry : Bangladesh

Name of the assignment: Waste to Bio-Gas project at Gaibandha Municipality.

Name of Client: UNICEF

Duration of assignment : 15months 

Status: Completed

Professional Experts/Staff provided by Your Organization:

No. of Expert: 01

No. of officer: 02

No of Staff:  06

No of Person-Months:15 months

Start Date (Month/Year)   : 2012- Completion Date(Month/Year): 2013

Name of the partner: Practical Action Bangladesh

  • Position of the senior professional experts  and officers of your firm performed in the project:
  • Waste Management Expert
  • Project Implementation Officer
  • Project Engineer

Objectives  of the Project:

  • Build partnership with Municipality
  • Develop community based approach  on solid waste management
  • Establish HH waste collection and management
  • Install Bio-gas plant utilizing HH waste
  •  Involve neighborhood community to use biogas as cooking fuel.

Detail Description of Actual Services Provided by CC’s  Experts/Staff:

Commitment” implemented a W2B project in partnership with Practical Action Bangladesh. Project initiated a HH waste collection in number of wards. It has also installed a one ton capacity bio gas plant, utilizing municipal organic waste. It involved Gaibandha Municipal authority in the process and made a successful PPP model. The project could make the community motivated, created demand for biogas and gave gas connection to 20 – 25 adjacent HH of the plant for cooking purpose. Commitment took the main role of involving community in the wards, launched various awareness programme. Plant has also been producing compost from biogas plant.