Action Research on Ecological alternatives in sanitation in difficult areas of Bangladesh.

UNICEF assigned a consortium of four organizations to review and design different ecological toilet options appropriate for geo-hydrological, physical, cultural, and social context of difficult areas. Commitment Consultants is one of the member of the consortium and taken the responsibilities of providing the mentioned services to the slum areas of Rangpur Pourashava. It  constructed household eco-toilets, build capacity of the local mason, local level DPHE and Pourashava engineers on construction and  O&M  of eco-toilets, aware the community on the use and maintenance of eco-toilets including the use of sanitized human excreta, establish linkage with fertilizer company/agricultural extension services for utilization of human excreta in agricultural farming, facilitate networking with different Government and NGOs for promoting ecological sanitation and knowledge sharing, etc.

‘Urban Public and Environmental Health Sector Development Program

 Bangladesh government signed a contract with ADB to develop a program on urban public health and environment sector development with the budget of $ 130 million. Maximum portion of the budget allocation has been kept for solid and health care waste management. Commitment Consultants, as a partner organization of IPE (India), was assigned to provide its expert input on the planned components of the project

Development of participatory solid waste management training manuals for community volunteers and private sector service providers.

JICA has been assisting Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) to improve its solid waste management services. As part of this effort, JICA and DCC felt the need to incorporate community members and private sector service providers into the program for better service delivery. It was observed that they hardly had any training on solid waste management. JICA contracted Commitment Consultants to develop required training manuals.

Tariff study on ICI (Industrial, Commercial and Institutional) waste

It has been observed that ICI (institutional, commercial and industrial) waste generator is producing huge quantity of waste in comparison with the domestic waste producer. CC has been asked to conduct a study in the specific areas of Dhaka city to assess the taxpaying status of Dhaka city dwellers in residential and commercial buildings. So CC provided necessary guideline to DCC about the potential of enhancing the tax from ICI institutions and establishments.