Welcome to Commitment Consultants (CC)

Commitment Consultants (CC) is a private sector company comprising of multi-disciplinary professionals which was established in the year 2007. The firm works with Government and Donor (ADB, WB, JICA, WSUP, etc.) project funding. CC has been contributing in different development sectors in Bangladesh and abroad for more than 08 years. CC has developed expertise in the areas of urban services, solid and medical waste management, WATSAN, waste to energy, archaeology & tourism, etc.

It contributes in, Project management, design and supervision consultancy, Program support consultancy, Technical assistance, Capacity building, BCC (Behavior change and   communication), Supplementary  technical assistance,  Performance  Evaluation,  Strategic  plan,  Action research, Feasibility study, Survey, NGO sector assessment, etc.

 Commitment Consultants having its head office in Dhaka, also operate another office in Canada, which is administered and managed by the Director of CC.