The activities of Commitment Consultants are directed towards achieving the following Objectives:

  • To provide consultancy services, (management, technical, environmental, health, social and economic aspects), training, etc.
  • To develop various types of social and economic research (sanitation, solid waste management, waste to resources, livelihoods, etc.); implementing of research; Conduct evaluation studies including program evaluation; for both national and local levels; Design and implement training programs;
  • To develop social enterprise to (handicrafts, agriculture-based products and forward linkage, etc.) generate employment and service to the poor community;
  • To provide renewable energy such as producing biogas and electricity from solid waste, utilization of solar energy , etc.;
  • To provide social and commercial services (solid waste, sanitation, water and wastewater treatment, etc.) in an environment-friendly and sustainable manner;
  • To design MIS and Quality Assurance Programs for specific projects; Design and disseminate information through communication interventions; and network with local and international organizations.